What did we do this summer?

What did we do this summer?

Our summer in Thailand: A sneak peek into who we are and what we do.

This was my last summer before heading off to college, and Mom and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a trip back to Thailand, reconnect with our roots and spend some quality time with our friends and family back home.

Every Summer has a Story | Coco de Chom

So we made the arrangements, packed our bags, and took off for two months filled with jaw-dropping views, inspiring conversations, humbling experiences, lots of laughter, and good times with family.


But first, before diving into all the details of this amazing adventure we were fortunate enough to experience, let's back up a bit.


Let's Backup

For us (mom and I duo), Thailand is not just the place we call home. The people, the art, the landscape, and the culture are a part of our brand and us. In fact, the spark that brought Coco de Chom to life was first ignited in a hotel room in Thailand, steps away from the beach during the Covid pandemic in 2020.




While we were in lockdown in that hotel room and the whole world around us was more isolated than ever before, the soft crashing of the waves nearby reminded us of the deep connection we all share. We tried to find a way to bring us closer to the beach we so wished we could be at during that moment, and we found it in the form of an idea.


tie-dyed kimono robe, long kimono robe, kimono, beach outfits, Coco de Chom

After countless hours of conceptualizing, experimenting, and brainstorming, this idea would soon become the core of our philosophy. Our mission today, inspired by the beauty of the sea, is to make waves of good through more than just a brand but a lifestyle.



Through Coco de Chom, we strive to bridge our Thai roots with the modern world and bring unique, hand-crafted, and ethically sourced pieces to the global stage. We hope that wearing our strikingly breezy designs will feel like a daily escape no matter where in the world you may find yourself.


sunset, beach, beach outfits, kimono, tie-dyed kimono, Coco de Chom


Fast forward two years later, and we are traveling back to the same place that started it all, full of new ideas and bursting with creative energy. For me, this trip was everything and more than I could have wished for, and I'm so excited to share it all with you.


Why We Love to Travel

 Mom and I have always been huge fans of traveling, especially when it involves beaches or destinations close to the ocean. We love how much closer it brings us each time and the bonding experience it creates between the two of us and the world around us. You'll never see mom without a camera on hand, trying to capture and treasure every moment. This, of course, results in some of the most gorgeously candid photos of myself, always wearing my favorite pieces from our collections.


Luna maxi dress


Wearing the Luna dress, this was shot in the beautiful Hong lagoon beach by my mom and business partner, Hathai. 🤍 

We understand that everybody has their own way and style of traveling, but we know we're not alone on this one thing for sure: We all want to feel confident, beautiful, and carefree when we travel. Traveling for us is about having fun, and enjoying ourselves, so it helps when you can look and feel your best simultaneously. This is why all our pieces are designed to be versatile, easy to wear, and comfortable. Handmade with only the finest quality materials by world-class artisans who respect their craft and pour love into every stitch.



Highlights from Our Trip

Our adventure in Thailand was overall a winding path of constant discovery and fun. We toured three different places: Chiang Mai, Ko Samed and Ko Hong Krabi. Here's a brief breakdown of what we got up to in each.


Chiang Mai

The city of Chiang Mai is located in the northern part of Thailand and is famous for its stunning mountain landscapes, ancient temples, and picturesque villages. During our stay here, we visited a sustainable elephant sanctuary where we made some very special friends. 

Elephant, tie-dyed kimono robe, kimono, everyday outfits, Coco dee Chom?

 Stay at https://www.tawanriverside.com

Being able to meet and interact with such elegant and compassionate creatures while learning more about them and their habitat was truly an unforgettable experience. In recent years, the tourism industry has forced elephants to be mistreated and abused, but there was no riding on them here. Instead, we took part in their care, walking with them through the jungle, feeding them by hand, and helping with their bath.


In Chiang Mai, we also held an incredible workshop where I got the chance to work hands-on with our team to design this Bougainvillea Linen Maxi dress. As you can see, everything—from the intricate design to the dying of the garment—was done by hand using centuries-old methods that our talented artisans have mastered. Our Batik Linen Maxi Dress supports local artisans in continuing the Batik tradition.


Handmade batik maxi dress, maxi dress, dress for Vacation, unique dress, Coco de Chom, Coco de Chom?



Krabi – The Tubkaak Boutique Resort


Stayed in the nature hideaway destination on a private beach in Krabi, enjoyed Thai food and I think one of the best parts of Krabi was being able to spend time with mom and grandma. The weather was flawless, which allowed us to go on boat rides, picnic on the boat, take long walks along the beach, and have some photoshoot sessions!

The tubkaek resort


You cannot fully appreciate the beauty of this resort with words alone, but I will do my best. Our stay in the Tubkaak Boutique Resort was like something out of a fairytale. The resort itself was exquisite, with every amenity you could ask for and the architecture of each room melded perfectly into the tropical vibe of its surroundings. It was everything we needed for our stay in Krabi!

Handmade maxi Jumpsuit | red maxi jumpsuit | Tie dye jumpsuit Coco de Chom


Ko Hong Lagoon was out of this world! Just staring out into the endless blue and seeing nothing but water and sky is enough to take your breath away. I could have stayed there for hours just watching the sun reflect on the water, which is exactly what I did. My Tie Dye Thara Jumpsuit was the perfect choice for this day at the beach.

Batik Maxi dress| Maxi dress


This is the very first dress I've designed and hand-painted myself. I am so proud of how it turned out, and I love how the colors and textures complement each other. The elements on the dress also remind me of sunsets at the beach and bring back nostalgic memories of days I will never forget. The techniques used to make this dress are amazingly intricate, a testament to the skill and dedication of our incredibly talented artisans who carry on this century-old tradition.



Beach, Thailand, Krabi, Coco de Chom, Coco de Chom?


Nothing beats moments like this, surrounded by the vast beauty of nature. In Koh Hong Lagoon, everywhere you look, your eyes will fall upon incredible sights that will leave you speechless at each turn. And that's only the world above water. Snorkeling here will reveal a new world of aquatic species and tropical fish.



Galaxy Maxi Dress, maxi dress, beach, sailing, Coco de Chom, Coco de Chom?


The Galaxy Maxi Dress was perfect for our picnic on the long-tail boat. It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to wear something light and breezy but still with a bit of coverage in case the wind picked up. I just love how the stars on the dress seem to float across the fabric. Check here about our Galaxy Maxi dress using natural indigo tie dye

 Swan Kimono robe, kimono robe, robe, Kimono, Coco dee Chom, Coco de Chom?


Discovering new places and taking in the sights is one of my favorite things to do! So, of course, when we touched down on Koh Hong Island, I took off wearing my elegant Swan Kimono robe and went exploring. I loved the texture of the fine white sand, and the warm breeze that blew off the ocean created the perfect atmosphere.



Island, Maya kimono robe, black kimono robe, long kimono robe, beach, tie-dye kimono robe, Coco de Chom, Coco de Chom?


This is P' Haan, our boat driver, and guide while we were on the island. The smile on his face and the positive energy he radiated were contagious, and we couldn't help but feel like we were in good hands while on our adventure. While cruising around, we suddenly noticed a storm coming in and pulled over to seek shelter from the rain. P' Haan was eager to help out and kept enjoying every moment. And mom and I both agreed that he would be a great model for Coco de Chom. That's when we gave him this Kimono robe that fits perfectly on him and started capturing these moments you see here.


Dress, maxi dress, tie-dyed dress, kimono, long dress, short dress, dress for vacation, Coco de Chom, Coco de Chom? 


This is one of the spontaneous moments captured by Haan, our friend, model, and boat tour guide. Mom and I had the time of our lives just running around and having fun being our carefree selves. It's not often that you can capture these kinds of moments, and we're glad that they'll live forever through these unexpected pictures.


Ko Samed

Every island in Thailand has its unique appeal and beauty that never fails to capture the hearts of those who visit. Ko Samed is no exception. The pristine waters and gorgeous fine sand are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this island has to offer. We spent most of our time there with the whole family, just cruising around and pit-stopping by different spots for impromptu photoshoots.


Famili, friends, kimono, Swan kimono robes, long kimono robe, tie-dyed kimono robe, pink kimono, black kimono, Coco de Chom, Coco de Chom?


Family is everything to me, so this trip to Thailand helped me reconnect and re-kindle precious bonds with them. My cousin Amp lives in my hometown of Ayutthaya, and I had so much fun hanging out with her and hearing all about how she's doing.


The trip was topped off by a magical firework showdown at the beach performed by the Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa that we stay.

Beach, tie-dyed skirt, beach skirt, skirt,  black skirt, Bach outfits, Coco de Chom, Coco de Chom? 


My cousin Amp captured this candid moment right before we headed out for dinner. I am wearing the Seashell Tie dye skirt, and it's so pretty that I felt super confident and happy in it.



We'd love to get to know more about your summer, so don't forget to tag us on our Instagram in your favorite moments and let us know what you love the most about your Coco de Chom pieces. We can't wait to see it!

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