The Art of Natural Indigo Tie-Dye for Our Galaxy Maxi Dress

on August 12, 2022

We worked with a talented artisan to create our Galaxy Maxi Dress using natural indigo tie-dye. These dresses are made following the traditional tie-dye technique handed down through the generations. Your Galaxy Maxi Dress tells a small piece of artisan history, using techniques designed to last a lifetime. The beauty of these ancient techniques is that they’re safer for the environment.


At Coco de Chom, we love to tell the story behind our collections. As part of our community, we want to share the inspiration behind our Galaxy Maxi Dress and the natural indigo tie-dye craftsmanship that makes every dress unique.


Discover more about the art of natural indigo and the magic behind our Galaxy Maxi Dress below.


What is Natural Indigo Tie-Dye?

Natural indigo is commonly known as ‘kram khamor ‘kram dye’ in Thailand. It’s been used as a natural dye for clothes for centuries, evolving into the tie-dye techniques that are synonymous with Coco de Chom.



While most of us think of indigo as a color, it’s actually aherb that comes to the bean family. This plant is indigenous to Asia and areas of Africa. Indigo is a medicinal plant that is also amongst the oldest known dyes that have been used as a natural coloring agent.


Throughout history, indigo was considered as valuable as gold. It earned the nickname ‘blue gold’ and was even used to dye hair, along with clothing. Indigo is the only natural blue dye in existence.


Our artisans continue to tradition of using indigo as a natural coloring agent. They start by cutting leaves from the indigo plant, grounding them into a powder before boiling it with water over a small fire. The garment is soaked in the indigo dye, allowing the natural fiber to absorb the pigment.


It takes up to 30 days for our talented artisan to create each Galaxy Maxi dress. These non-toxic and organic plant-based dyes are better for the planet and safer for your skin.

Indigo natural non-toxic and organic plant-based dyes are better for the planet and safer for your skin.


Meet the Galaxy Indigo Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Indigo natural tie-dye maxi dress by artisans


Most of the indigo used by the fashion industry today is commercially synthesized. At Coco de Chom, we strive to support local artisans and traditional techniques.


Our Galaxy Maxi Dress is kinder to the world around usby using traditional tie-dyeing techniques. It’s a piece of sustainable fashion that you’ll love for seasons to come. Purchasing our Galaxy Indigo Tie dye Maxi Dress allows us to support local artisans and farmers while reducing the use of petrochemicals by using a natural, sustainable dye in place of a synthetic alternative.


Our artisans create the unique tie-dye color in our Galaxy Indigo Maxi Dress by using natural indigo to dye the hem. It means that no two dresses are the same. Each tells its own unique story as part of one of fashion’s oldest traditional techniques. Every dress is as unique as a piece of the galaxy.


Discover our Galaxy Maxi Dress and the beauty of natural indigo tie-dye craftsmanship by adding it to your closet here.