Welcome to Coco de Chom


Our artisan-produced fashion and lifestyle brand was cofounded by a mother and daughter duo who wanted to use their time in the Covid-19 lockdown to create something beautiful, intentional and meaningful for the world.


Whether you’re looking for summer dresses for women, the perfect tie dye maxi kaftan dress or a magnificently long kimono robe, each item in our line is handcrafted by gifted Thai artisans with love and purpose woven into every strand. We believe that the quality and authenticity of our handmade clothes, jewelry, and accessories is tantamount to our overall success. With this in mind, we work with world-class artisans to develop products that have exceptional quality, timeless style, and mass appeal to our customers across the globe. Our signature tie dye kimono and tie dye kaftan line are meticulously made with love and the response to our bespoke brand has been beyond what we could have imagined.


Because we choose to handcraft each item, we are able to guarantee fair trade and sustainability in our processes and procedures. Offering handmade clothing means unique, high-quality pieces that last, not mass-produced items that come from a resource-guzzling factory. Our commitment to our artisans and to our planet means that we choose to avoid wholesaling and actively work to end forced and child labor. That means your Coco de Chom piece is 100% original, ethically sourced and made, and completely bespoke to the wearer!


Make a statement in a tie dye maxi dress or a invest in a fashionable pair of tie dye pants knowing that every purchase you make from our store makes a meaningful difference to the world. A portion of each of our sales goes directly to help the people of Thailand. The projects that we choose to support, help Thai children with school lunches, and masks to help control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.


We hope that when you wear our signature designs, they make you feel comfortable, confident, and proud to know that you’ve made a difference with your investment.

 Experience the Coco de Chom Difference



Our Story: The History of Coco de Chom


Coco de Chom started as a passion project in early 2020 by me, Hathai, and my daughter, Chom Ta-le, when we were home during the Coronavirus lockdown. 


Being stuck indoors threatened to stifle our creativity, but we chose to use the time inside as a catalyst for something bigger than ourselves – something meaningful that we could create together.


With an entrepreneurial spirit, an eye for design, and a heart for giving, we established Coco de Chom. 


Though neither of us had any experience in the fashion or merchandising realm, we knew that we wanted to create a line of comfortable, bespoke tie dye kimonos, dresses, robes for people who valued fair-trade and sustainable practices. We also had guts and determination, and a passion for creating long-term jobs for Thai artisans who produce incredibly intricate, high-quality handmade products – especially those affected by the pandemic.


My daughter and I were both born and raised in Thailand. Though we now live in Dallas, TX in the United States, Thailand’s rich culture and heritage is always close to our hearts. Our fashionable tie dye designs are inspired by the never-ending beaches, majestic islands, and the shapes and shades of the tropical nature of our homeland. Each piece in our line is intended to create a feeling of serenity and calm and to remind the wearer of their unique style and character.


Ultimately, we believe that nothing is as important as passion and working hard to achieve your most ambitious dreams. Our motto is “No matter what you do with your life, do it with passion” and we attempt to infuse this into every piece in our line. 


Coco de Chom is the culmination of our passion, and sheer tenacity to make an impact that we’re proud of. We’re so excited for you to experience that passion for yourselves.


Hathai & Chom ta le