We are Different and That’s Beautiful

We are Different and That’s Beautiful

At Coco de Chom, we live our lives by a simple philosophy.


"We are all different and that’s beautiful"


Life would be boring if we were all the same. It would be like reading the same chapter of a book every day. What makes us different is what makes us beautiful. We’re all telling a different story in life, chasing our dreams, and striving to become our most authentic selves.


We take this philosophy to heart at Coco de Chom. We value diversity and strive to be a size-inclusive brand that welcomes everyone exactly as they are. The size on your dress is only a number. What matters is the person wearing it.


Every day, we get lots of questions from our community about sizing and how to wear our dresses and kimonos. While we strive to have a diverse range of models to showcase our pieces in different lights, it’s not always enough.


We know that reading measurements and seeing our models doesn’t answer every question you might have about our garments. That’s why we’re reaching out to you – our community – to ask for your help. We’re sharing a little more about the size-inclusive nature of our dresses and how looking different is what makes us beautiful.


Our Inclusive Goddess Dress and Flamingo Dresses

It’s the inspiration behind our iconic ‘Goddess Dress’ that’s designed to channel the inner Goddess in you. While this dress is a ‘one size fits all’ design, it’s made for sizes 0-12 or XS-XXL. The Goddess Dress is one of the first of its kind to be this size-inclusive, complementing a range of body sizes.

 Goddess dress

What makes our Goddess dress unique is that it looks different for everyone. Even if you have the same measurements, you could look drastically different from someone else. This fact is what makes our bodies unique. By being different, we put our own twist on things – even when wearing the same dress!

It’s not just your size that can make an outfit look different. Our Flamingo dress will look different when worn inside or worn at the beach under the light of the sun. Our prints will flatter different complexions and hair colors.

Flamingo maxi dress | tie dye maxi dress | size guide


If you’re a redhead, our Flamingo dress in ‘ruby will be the perfect match for you, while ‘lavenderis stunning on warmer complexions.

Flamingo maxi dress in Lavender color and ruby 

Embracing Diversity and the Beauty of Being Different

We believe that the best way you can live your life is by being authentically yourself. That means embracing yourself for who you are and loving the body that you’re in. That’s why most of our garments are made in an inclusive ‘one size fits all’ design.


We embrace the differences in our bodies and aim to create universally flattering garments. Our garments are designed to move with you through life, whether you’re relaxing by the beach or indulging in your morning yoga.


Wearing clothes is a way of expressing your personality, giving the world a little insight into who you are. The cliché “wearing your heart on your sleeve” is one that we believe in at Coco de Chom.  Our designs are inspired by the wonder of nature, helping you find your beauty from within by embracing who you are.

Different is beautiful. Never forget that!

"Different is beautiful. Never forget that!"


Sharing Your Coco de Chom Style

As part of our Coco de Chom community, we invite you to become part of our diversity mission. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our community styling our pieces, whether it’s the Goddess dress or our Tie Dye Kimono. The key to promoting diversity is by including our community in our mission.

 Goddess dress review by our customer

We’re inviting you to share photos of you wearing your favorite Coco de Chom pieces. While every body type is different, your photos can help other members of our community picture how they might look in our designs.

 Unisex long kimono, Tie dye long kimono, Maya tie dye kimono robe | coco de Chom

Everything from our dress size to our curves and height makes us unique. We hope that inspiring you to share photos of your Coco de Chom outfits will help us create a community of empowered individuals who cheer each other on. Seeing someone who looks like you wearing an outfit can help you imagine what it will look like on you.


We also hope these photos and videos will help us celebrate diversity. While we strive to use diverse models, we believe our community are the best models we have. Tag us in your social media posts and send us pictures of you rocking our Goddess dress at the beach. Tell us about the stories behind your photos.

 Jumpsuit | Street fashion | Boho Jumpsuit

How can share your photos with us? You can tag us in your social media posts and let us know that we can share your photos on our platforms, including our website. Alternatively, you can share your photos when leaving a review for your favorite Coco de Chom pieces.


We love to read your reviews and seeing your photos makes it easier for other members of our community to decide which pieces will suit them best.


As part of the Coco de Chom community, we want to give back to you. By becoming part of our team and sharing on social media, you can get access to exclusive gifts, discount codes, and even make a commission by promoting your favorite pieces.


Our goal with this program is to work together to spread joy and positivity. We want to make the fashion industry more size-inclusive and diverse by taking positive action. You can find out more about becoming part of our community here.


Have you got any questions about becoming part of the Coco de Chom community? Do you have ideas about how we can take our diversity mission to the next level? Let us know in the comments below!


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