Shop unisex tie dye kimono robe for your every day vacation with coco de chom?

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Kimono Robe

Escape the everyday and explore the beauty of our handmade tie dye kimonos. Our long kimono robes in boho style are made with comfort and versatility in mind - perfect for any one any occasion!

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Exactly what I was looking for. Right length, right color, right weight(super light). The first time I put the robe on, i hadn’t left the house and received compliments from people who never compliment.

- Mary H.

Absolutely love the tie dye robe I bought from Coco de Chom and it's so roomy and comfortable. I'm 262 lbs and pretty round and couldn’t believe how well it fit with extra room to spare. I think everyone should have at least one of these. 

- Michelle F.W

Beautiful and nice figure flattering with belt applied of flowy and light without the belt. The kimono has structure to it so it drapes well on your body.. bought all three colors and a second black one.. arms are not tight.. luv it!

- Johny P.


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