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How to Care for Your Coco De Chom Garment

How to Care for Your Coco De Chom Garment

Your closet is an investment
- and one you want to look after. If you’ve fallen head over heels for our Goddess dress or treated yourself to one of our tie dye kimonos, you’ll know that these designs are made to last. Like any garment, you need to know how to care for your Coco De Chom pieces.

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Giving your summer outfits a little TLC can help youkeep wearing your beloved Goddess dress for years to come. These delicate textiles are lightweight, luxurious, and soft against your skin. Whether it’s a halter backless maxi dress or a tie dye kimono, our dresses are designed to travel with you. They’re your partner in crime for your next adventure.

We’re sharing the care instructions for how to look after your favorite tie dye kimono and other Coco De Chom favorites. Every dress is handmade to the highest quality with flawless stitching. Following the correct care instructions and showing your dress some love can keep it looking luxurious for longer.

By taking the time to look after your dresses, they can become part of your capsule closet and help you create cherished memories. Here is your ultimate guide for caring for Coco De Chom dresses.

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How to care for your favorite Coco De Chom dresses

While some of our boho dresses have specific care instructions, there are a few things we recommend for all your favorite Coco De Chom pieces. We recommend hand washing for all your vacay outfits and go-to tie dye kimono. Due to our rayon fabric, your clothes should be cleaned with a gentle machine wash on a low-heat setting.

We recommend washing your favorite Coco De Chom pieces separately to protect the fabric. As the fabric becomes softer in the washing machine, there’s no need to iron your Coco De Chom dresses.

Goddess Maxi Dress

Our Goddess dress is one of our best-selling styles and a beloved style within the Coco De Chom community. This maxi-length dress is made using 100% soft rayon fabric to give it a breathable and lightweight feel. As our Goddess dress is handmade, you want to be careful how you clean your dress.

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If you have a tie-dye Goddess dress, you may find that the fabric isn’t as soft at first touch. Don’t worry! It’s because of how the fabric has been treated when tie-dying. Once you wash your Goddess dress for the first time, it’ll become instantly softer.


Wash your Goddess dress on a low spin cycle with a cold-water setting. It’s worth investing in a gentle laundry detergent that will help maintain the softness of the fabric. If you’ve got a stain on your Goddess dress, it’s best to hand wash your dress. In a worst-case scenario – like if you’ve spilled wine on your dress you want to use oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach to clean up the worst stains.


Maxi Dress

Our maxi dresses are amongst our most versatile designs. When you find a dress that you love, it can take you from brunch with your girlfriends to a day of exploring the city. Our number one tip for caring for our maxi dresses is to be gentle with them.


You want to wash your beach maxi dress inside out. It’s best to wash our dresses separately to protect the softness of the fabric. If you need to throw it into a machine with other clothing, add the garment to a mesh wash bag to keep it protected.


Treating your maxi dresses with a gentle hand will help you get the most from your dress. Being gentle with it will stop the fabric from pilling or any fuzz developing on the dress. Check your dresses after wearing them to look out for anything that needs repairing.


Kimono Dress

Kimonos are one of our signature styles at Coco De Chom. Whether it’s a kaftan kimono or a kimono robe. No adventure to a tropical paradise is complete without a kimono in your carry-on.


Tie dye Kimono, long kimono, Tie dye long kimono


You’ll want to follow the same care instructions as for our Goddess dress. It’s worth keeping a small sewing kit with you when traveling. If your kimono gets wet during an outdoor adventure, it may snag. Don’t worry! It’s easy to fix with a needle that can help you pull the thread back to the other side of the fabric.


As our kimono dress is made using rayon, you want to ensure that you’re storing them properly. While you can either fold or hang your dress, it’s best to avoid metal hangers. As metal rusts, this can cause the fabric to develop spots.


Caring for your Coco De Chom pieces on the go 

Our rayon fabric is carefree as it softens in the dryer. You don’t need to worry about ironing thanks to the fabric’s texture.

Our pieces are designed to travel with you, whether you’re walking along the beaches of Tulum or exploring the Hawaii. We recommend cleaning your Coco De Chom pieces before you travel. Our dresses are made for the thrill-seekers who throw their clothes in a case, jump on a plane, and head straight to the beach.


Our rayon fabric is easy to spot clean and handwash on the go if needed. Turn your dress inside out and wash in a sink with cold water. Don’t have access to a dryer? Dry your maxi dress in direct sunlight by laying it flat or hanging it outside.


With summer adventures right around the corner, Coco De Chom is here to help you create unforgettable memories. Start building your summer outfits with our classic tie dye kimonos and maxi dresses to follow your wanderlust. Shop our latest arrivals to Coco De Chom to start building your dream capsule closet.

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