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Meet COCO DE CHOM – a handmade clothing and lifestyle brand with a twist.

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, COCO DE CHOM is a passion project that started during the pandemic. Stuck indoors and looking for a way to make a difference, Hathai and Chom turned their entrepreneurial spirit and creative genius into establishing COCO DE CHOM.

Our brand is for the modern woman who wants her fashion to reflect her lifestyle and giving heart. We’re a brand that wants to make positive change with a humanitarian ethos, inspired by a desire to give back to the Thai people.



The COCO DE CHOM origin story

The name ‘COCO DE CHOM’ comes from our co-founder Chom’s name (Daughter). It means enjoying the sea and ocean, a lifestyle that is at the heart of our brand. 


The idea for COCO DE CHOM came in a small hotel room in Thailand when our co-founder Chom decided that she wanted to do something to help the Thai people. COCO DE CHOM began with love at its heart. We reached out to a team of Thai artisans to help us bring our brand to life.



Within a few months, our brand went from a side project to a full-time business. COCO DE CHOM found a community of like-minded people online who wanted creative fashion with a meaningful message at its heart.


The design process for COCO DE CHOM

Our clothing is handmade with love by Thai artisans. COCO DE CHOM works closely with these skilled artisans who to create our apparel and accessories, including our signature long kimonos. Our clothing merges contemporary design with the timeless artesian heritage to create a unique collection.

When you shop from COCO DE CHOM, you’re helping us support talented artisans to continue the tradition of their craft and hand it down to the next generation. Whether it’s a tie-dye kimono or a summer maxi dress, these artisans create beautiful garments that are designed to be lived in.


Our initial designs were inspired by lockdown living when we all put wellness and self-care at the forefront of our minds. At COCO DE CHOM, we also design with wearability in mind, giving you a laidback aesthetic that works everywhere from your home to the beach. Our clothes are made to fit your lifestyle, giving you style without compromising on comfort.


After growing our following on Etsy, we’ve decided to venture into the unknown and try something new. You can find COCO DE CHOM products exclusively on our official website powered by Shopify platform. We have a reputation for creating on-trend tie-dye kimonos, featured on Buzzfeed as one of the best summer dresses for 2021.

The future is bright for COCO DE CHOM, and we’re excited for the next chapter.

You can follow our journey on Instagram and tag us in your COCO DE CHOM outfits for a chance to feature you on our feed. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get 10% off your first order.


Welcome to the COCO DE CHOM family

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