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The Versatile Goddess Maxi Dress

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The feeling of buying a new dress is unmatched. There is something magical about wearing dresses that makes us feel powerful and attractive. Although gala dresses and ballgowns are great, we don't get to wear them that often. Therefore, everyday dresses that are comfortable, fashionable, and spark joy are so delightful.

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Coco de Chom is a brand that has customers around the globe thanks to its good quality timeless pieces. Not only are their creations accessible, but they are also unique and hand-made. As each piece is carefully created, each of their products makes a difference in any wardrobe.

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Coco de Chom's Goddess Tie Dye Kaftan Maxi Dress is a versatile maxi dress that has vacation vibes, while still looking polished and fashionable. The Goddess dress is made out of soft and breathable rayon fabric, making it a perfect choice for sunny summer days. This modern kaftan dress already has raving reviews from people who enjoyed wearing it and experienced its flowy fantasy. It comes in five different colors, so you can pick the one that fits the color palette of your wardrobe the best. Each of the maxi dresses is adorned with an eye-catching tie-dye design. This dress takes inspiration from the boho aesthetic. Although it is very comfortable due to the breathable rayon and flowy fabric, it also creates a flattering silhouette. The deep v neckline, cinched-in waistline, and butterfly sleeves give the appearance of an hourglass shape, making the dress suitable for every body type. From fancy vacay outfits to casual lunch dates, or walks in nature, this versatile boho dress would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Here are some ideas of how you could style it for various occasions and seasons.


Wear it as a Trendy Beach Dress
The fashion runways predict swimwear to be in trend this summer. Worn both for swimming and as a functional top for layering, bikini tops are going to be very trendy. On the hot summer days, wear a red bikini top underneath your tie-dye maxi dress for a peek of color. Thanks to the open neckline of the dress, the straps of the bikini will be showing just enough to create a contrast. If you are on vacation getting ready to go to the beach or a pool, complete the outfit with a big straw hat and a big red beach purse. On the other hand, if you are vacationing in your home town, pair it with some strappy sandals and sunglasses.

The Perfect Dress for Everyday Outings
When hot sunny days come around, breezy fashion pieces become a necessity. This is what makes this dress so perfect. It can easily be styled for lunch dates with friends, family brunches, or just daily outdoor activities. Layer dainty necklaces to add subtle accessories that complement the dress. Furthermore, to give the dress a more structured feel, you can add a leather belt around the waist. Wear it with a cross-body bag, and you will have the perfect summer outfit.


A Night on the Town
Whether you are on a summer vacation or spending summer evenings with friends in the city, finding the perfect summer night outfit can be hard. This modern kaftan dress can be dressed up to look great even when you are going out for drinks. Wear simple black high-heeled sandals, put your hair up in a bun, and add some sparkly accessories.

The Goddess Dress for Colder Days
Thanks to its versatile design, this maxi kaftan dress can be worn even in the colder months. When it comes to creating intriguing outfits, it is all about layering, and this piece is perfect for that. Start by layering the dress over a solid-color turtle-neck and a pair of black opaque tights. Not only will you keep warm, but you will look stylish and boho-chic. To complete the outfit add a leather jacket and ankle boots.

Boho Dress for Active Days
When you are going on long walks, you don't have to limit yourself to leggings and t-shirts. Pair the Goddess dress with white chunky sneakers, and you will have an out-of-the-box outfit that looks modern and trendy. Wear a halter top beneath the dress to add more dimension. You can also swap your regular bag for a backpack.

Last but not least we want to share you how to wear Goddess Dress

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