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2 Days Trip From Dallas To New Mexico

2 Days Trip From Dallas To New Mexico

Mom and I had been planning a Spring vacation for a while and finally, we decided to visit New Mexico. New Mexico had been on our traveling list for quite a while, and finally, we decided to give it a go for a spring vacation trip. It was a much-needed trip before we started to work on a lot of new things that will come to you in the coming weeks and months.

We chose New Mexico for our spring break because of our close ties to cultural values. The richness of cultural diversity in New Mexico is what attracts you toward it. Therefore, we wanted to experience this diversity from very close.

Our two-day trip was the break that inspired us to bring a lot out of the box for you. We wanted to share this journey with every one of you. I will try to share our travel journey in the most realistic way possible. Let’s get with us on our ride to the old streets of New Mexico.

New Mexico aesthetic trip


Our Trip To New Mexico

We choose mid-spring to visit Mexico because the weather is neither too hot nor cold. Therefore, it was important to choose the time of year when it’s easy to have a raw and pleasant traveling experience. We had planned to visit the white desert and Santa Fe. A lot of planning went into it. From creating the whole itinerary to selecting dresses and accessories, mom and I didn’t ignore anything.

Here is what our trip looks like.


Departure From Dallas

On the 13th of March, we had to leave Dallas for New Mexico. An overcast evening was followed by a clear day. We departed from Dallas around 4:00 pm in the evening, and it was around 10 hours long drive to New Mexico.

New Mexico aesthetic trip


To make the most out of the cloudy evening of Dallas, we stopped by Wendy’s to grab the burgers. After a long drive of 5 hours, we reached Midland late at night. Midland is a county in Western Texas, and it’s popular as an oil industry center for those who don’t know.

Night Stay

We decided to keep it low-key and chose a small hotel in Midland. We opted for the small hotel because it was just a night’s stay, and we had to leave for New Mexico early in the morning. Despite being small, everything went great, and we had a good sleep.


Day 1 In New Mexico; White Sands National Monument

We woke up early on the next day as it was time to leave for the White Desert in NM. After another 5 and half hours of driving, we finally reached our first stop, White Sands National Monument.

New Mexico aesthetic trip

About White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is probably among the top when America’s natural wonders are a point of interest. The shimmery white sands are best for what nature can offer us human beings.

If you wonder how does it even exist. Here is what you need to know.

It’s on the border of Mexico and the United States. El Paso is the closest city to White Sands at a 30 minutes drive. For getting food, a drive of 18 minutes toward Alamogordo is recommended. This is for people who plan camping on-site for a day or two. Besides, you can also get accommodation in Alamogordo.


The White Sand is actually a gypsum deposit over the years. It’s the largest gypsum dune field worldwide. Due to deposit and water erosion over thousands of years, gypsum has changed into selenite crystals. The further breakdown of crystals results in sand grains.

Despite being sand, the gypsum dunes are moist, and the good thing is that gypsum doesn’t absorb light. Instead, it reflects it, making the sand walkable on a hot day as well. You won’t have burning feet while walking over.

Things We Did

Exploring The White Sands National Monument Til The Loop Ends

Soon after we reached White Sands, we decided to have a round trip of the dune fields. We got beautiful views of the sun shining over the gypsum crystals, making it a mesmerizing sight.

We went to the end of the loop and stayed there for 2 hours. During our stay and exploring around the white sands, we enjoyed photographing each other, the sun, and the scenic beauty of the desert. These two hours were spent very quickly, and soon it was time to leave.

And it’s rightly said that photography is breathtaking in the White

New Mexico aesthetic trip | Maxi Dress aesthetic


We left for Santa Fe, our main stop, before the night. It was another 4.5 hours of drive, accompanied by scenic beauty and breathtaking views along the way. We could hardly capture any because it was so mesmerizing that you would easily forget to capture the scenes on your camera.


Since we chose the daytime for visiting White Sands, selecting the dress meant many thought processes. After a lot of thinking and consideration, mom and I went for MALI- Backless Maxi Dress.

Mom went for burnt orange color while I chose the same dress in dark green color. You can see that in our pictures as we had been twinning in the handmade maxi. It’s a perfect choice during summers for a trip like ours. You can also check it out in our store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Departure To Santa Fe

2 hours in the desert, and it was time to drive toward Santa Fe. We drove for straight 4 hours to reach Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico. Our next day of the trip was going to be in Santa Fe and its surroundings.

new Mexico trip

Night Stay At Inn & Spa

It was a long drive, and we reached Loretto at night. We chose Inna & Spa at Loretto for a night stay and the day ahead as it was convenient to move around the city from such a location.

About Inn and Spa at Loretto, it’s a decent restaurant for staying during your trip to Santa Fe. Overall, everything was nice at the hotel, and we had a good time there.


Day 3 In New Mexico, Exploring Ins And Outs Of Santa Fe

The next morning, we left the hotel to roam around the city and explore its beauty. Here is what we did on day 3 of our Spring break in New Mexico:

Santa Fe Plaza

Our first stop was Santa Fe Plaza, the most historic landmark of the city standing there for the last four centuries. The architecture of the plaza reminds me of the old Spanish-American colonial cities. Palace of the Governors, San Miguel, several museums, art galleries, shopping places, and restaurants in the area make a worthy trip.



After roaming around for a while, we had our brunch in one of the restaurants situated around the plaza. It was more like what you expect from a brunch, and there were no apparent surprises.


Roaming Around

We spent our noon exploring all the historical landmarks in the plaza areas, including the square area, churches, etc.

Canyon Road and Canyon Road Contemporary Art

We went to the Canyon road area, stopped at Canyon Road Contemporary Art and many Art galleries.


We aimed to take a photoshoot of the historic doors along this road as much as possible. Here are some of the photos that we captured.

New Mexico Santa Fe aesthetic trip



After spending our afternoon around the plaza and museum, we finally decided to have lunch at a restaurant on Canyon road.


The Teahouse is located at 821 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501. The hotel is famous for over 200 types of teas online and dine-in. We went for herbal Matcha tea with soup. The lunch was great as you can also see the pictures below.

We ended our second-day roaming here and went back to the hotel for a rest. We had to leave for Dallas the next morning. Therefore, we went to bed early.  

Back To Home

We left for Dallas early in the morning as we had to drive for around 10 hours. The way back home was also full of breathtaking moments and nature at its best. Windmills, green fields with blooming flowers, etc., were equally worth it.

And it marks the end of our journey.

Wrap Up: A Lot Of New Stuff Is Coming Your Ways

We had been craving a spring break for a while to make a comeback with a lot of new stuff in the store. Don’t forget to check our new collections and stuff. We always love to make you a part of our journey, as it’s always exciting to share our journeys and experiences with you.


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